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Arthur is an experienced and dynamic speaker with a heart for students, parents and families. As a former youth pastor, Arthur has been working with teenagers and their families for well over a decade.  His sense of humor and highly practical way of speaking has audiences both laughing and taking notes.  Arthur currently serves as a teen life coach for middle school and high school students. He also served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), working with students in the foster care system.  Arthur sits on the board of directors for Camp Orchard Hill, a large youth camp in Pennsylvania.  He holds a B.S. in Youth Ministry from Lancaster Bible College and a Masters Degree in Family Ministry from Capital Bible Seminary. He and his wife Elizabeth live in Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania and have been married for over 20 years.

To Invite Arthur to Speak At Your Next Event
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Some of Arthur's Most Popular Presentations

- Gospel Centered Productivity (Viewing The Things That we do Through a Gospel Lens)

- The Throughput of Grace (Helping Parents Show Grace to Their Spouse, Children, Enemies & Themselves)

- The Productive Teenager (Helping Teens Become More Organized, Motivated and Productive)

- A Question of Faith (What if One Question Could Completely Change Your Perspective?)

- Trust! He's Got You! (A Message of Hope For Those Who Need it Now)

- Barriers to Great Leadership (What is Keeping Your From Becoming The Leader You Are Meant to be?)

- Trusting The God of The Gospel (Helping You Talk to Adopted & Foster Children & Teenagers About God)

- Reset (Adjusting Our Mindsets and Methods to Produce Greater Results)

- The Teen Coach (Partnering With a Life Coach to Help Support & Develop Your Teenager)

Arthur Has Numerous Presentations Available, Perfect For Students, Parents & Families.

To Invite Arthur to Speak At Your Next Event
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Check Out What People Are Saying About Arthur

"Arthur is able to clearly and effectively communicate truth to middle school and high school audiences. His love for students is evident not only in his speaking but in his interactions with them 'off the stage' and in his personal life. He is one of our favorites”
- Jim Payne (Executive Director, Camp Orchard Hill)

"Arthur's message of living with intention and purpose is a must have for every high school or youth group. I loved how Mr Woods shares real practical suggestions "
- Andrew Bell (Head of School, Christian School of York)

“Arthur is a gifted teacher and trainer who has a heart to empower and equip others to reach the next generation. 
-Kurtis Zimmerman (Executive Director, TNT Student Ministries)

“Arthur’s empathy is the power of his message. He doesn’t talk at people; he connects with his audience and offers highly relevant insight” 
- Robert Mattox (Founder, Hope Town)

“Arthur is creating relevant and user friendly material to help parents understand and care for the unique needs of children and teens. He is an engaging presenter and facilitates conversation to help families in a manner that demonstrates his personal experience.”

- Nancy Mehesy (Therapist, Jabbok Counseling)

To Invite Arthur to Speak At Your Next Event
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What Arthur Will Provide to You, Your Team & Your Audience

(1) Great Communication in the Days and Weeks Leading up to Your Event.

(2) Well Designed Projection Visuals During Presentation.

(3) Interactive and Dynamic Spoken Presentation that Resonates  with Your Audience.

(4) A Message that Connects to Your Event's Theme and Desired Outcomes.

(5) Professional and Friendly Interactions with You and Your Audience.

(6) An Overall Positive and Productive Experience That Makes You Glad That You Hired Arthur.

To Invite Arthur to Speak At Your Next Event
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