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Raising a teenager can be a Great Blessing, but it can also be a Huge Challenge. If you are struggling, I want to help you love parenting again, by working with  your teen to help him or her become what you already know they can be. I will meet regularly with your teen, in a virtual environment, to help them begin to embrace healthy mindsets and strategic habits for achieving success. Schedule a free consultation call with me to discuss how I can help your teenager.

A Message for Parents of Teens

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Does your teenager have a mindset that propels them toward success? If not, I can help them begin to embrace thinking that will motivate them to work harder and smarter.


What are your teenagers most common habits (Good or Bad)? I can work with them to create new, healthy habits that will lead toward greater success.


Would you consider your teen to be productive? Do they produce the results that you believe they should be producing? I will help your teenager learn new productivity techniques that will help them accomplish the things they need to do.


What does success look like for your teenager? Do they have any stated goals? If not, I can help them create specific goals that will put them on a path toward greater achievement at school, at work and at home.

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Mr. Andrew B.
Head of School

"Arthur's message of living with intention and purpose is a must have for every ... high school or youth group.  I love how Mr Woods shares real practical suggestions."

Mr. Robert M.

"Arthur’s empathy is the power of his message.  He doesn’t talk at people; he connects with his audience and offers highly relevant insight"

Mrs. Carolyn P.

“I love how Arthur teaches with authenticity. I especially appreciated his message on focusing on who we want to be...instead of on what we want to be.”  

Arthur C Woods

Arthur is a seasoned veteran when it comes to working with teenagers. For 10 years he served as the Director of Students for a large house of worship in central Pennsylvania. He holds a Masters Degree in student and family ministry and is an Adjunct Faculty Member at a local private high school. Arthur also sits on the Board of Directors of a large youth camp in central PA. Over the years he has taught, coached and mentored literally thousands of teenagers. He loves seeing teens embrace their full potential and will work with them (and their parents) to see them reach that potential. Arthur has been married to his wife, Elizabeth for over 20 years.

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