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"I've read the books below - I've enjoyed them - and I have benefited greatly from their teaching.
I hope some of them can help you the same way that they have helped me."
- Arthur C Woods -

Parenting Adopted & Foster Kids (and Teens)

The Connected Child
This is the bible when it comes to trust based relational interventions (TBRI) with children and teens from hard places. Great for adoptive and foster parents.
The Whole-Brain Child
An easy to read and highly practical book, helping parents better understand brain chemistry as it relates to the behaviors of their children.
The Adoptive Family Tool Box
A “nuts & bolts” approach to the needs of adoptive families, gained from the experiences of two very qualified parents
5 Love Languages of Children
How do we show our kids love in a way that makes them truly feel loved? This book answers that questions in a very efficient and practical way.
Trusting The God of The Gospel
Adopted & Foster teenagers have very unique discipleship needs. This DVD series helps parents and youth workers talk to their teenagers about God.
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Spiritual Formation

Ask It
What if one simple question could completely altar how we make decisions? You will be surprised how simple and how powerful this question can be!
Follow Me
When Jesus said "Follow Me" to his disciples what did that truly mean? And what does it mean for us today?
The Holiness of God
Having a better understanding of God’s holiness can revolutionize how we think about the Gospel. This books helps you with that understanding.
A Praying Life
What if your life was centered around prayer? Around frequent, if not constant communication with God? This book is a practical step toward just that.
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
A practical read, helping you understand the undeniable connection between the mental, emotional and spiritual components of our being.
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Leadership Development

Dare to Lead
What could it look like if healthy vulnerability was the trademark of your leadership? What would look different from what you are currently doing?
Start With Why
Most of us know WHAT we are doing? How many of us truly know WHY we are doing it? That’s the question we must answer.
Next Generation Leader
Easy to read and highly relevant leadership book from one of this country’s best Christian leaders.
Lead When You're Not in Charge
We can’t all be in charge all the time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t always be leading. How do we lead while at the same time submitting to those in charge?
Work Rules
Highly engaging book that will make you want to have fun at work while accomplishing great things.
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Personal Productivity

Living Forward
What's the big picture for your life? This book provides a detailed frame work for how to express and achieve that picture.
The One Thing
What's your most important thing - your one thing? This book will help you find it and hold on to it.
Atomic Habits
It's time to begin healthy habits and end unhealthy habits. This book will help you do just that.
Sleep Smarter
Never underestimate the productive power of a good night sleep. This book will help you understand why.
The Total Money Makeover
A proven frame work for managing personal finances with an emphasis on practical debt free living.
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Student Ministry

Jesus Centered Youth Ministry
What if Jesus was the primary - scratch that - exclusive focus of our student ministries? What would look different?
Creating a Lead Small Culture
Small groups in student ministry have become one of the most effective tools in the discipleship of teenagers. How can we create a "Lead Small" culture?
Get Out
As a youth worker, are you willing to get out of the church and meet the students where they are? If so, you will love this book.
There are countless hurting teenagers in our student ministries. How can we as youth workers begin to help them heal?
A New Kind of Youth Ministry
Youth ministry and discipleship from a new perspective. Read with an open mind.
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Just For Fun

The Five Peolpe You Meet...
The fictional story of a man who dies and encounters 5 individuals on his way to heaven who help him understand his value while he was on earth.
The Shack
A highly engaging story of a man who has an encounter with God in a secluded shack in the middle of the mysterious woods.
Walk On
What does one of the biggest rock bands in the world think about God and faith? Through various articles, Walk On tells the spiritual journey of U2.
Gravity Falls Lost Legends
One of the best Disney Channel animated shows ever (In my humble opinion) now as a short graphic novel.
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if President Lincoln was a slayer of vampires? This book paints that intriguing, fictional picture.
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