Building Community - Video Teaching Series

The brand new, Building Community Video Series is designed to help students concider the various communities of which they are a part,  to help them make decisons about who they spend the majority of their time with.

This Biblically based, 3 session curriculum is perfect for . . .


(1) Christian School Chapels.
(2) Small Groups
(3) Youth Sunday Schools
(4) Church Youth Groups

The three sessions break down as such . . .


Session One - Building a Foundation For Community.
Session Two - Building Your Friend & Family Community.
Session Three - Building Your Online & Virtual Community.

Over the course of the three video sessions, students will be encouraged to think through these questions (and several others) . . .

(1) Why should I be intentional about building healthy community?
(2) What did Jesus say about community?

(3) How do I go about building healthy community?

(4) Who (or what) are the biggest influeces in my life currently?
(5) What role of influence do my parents play in my community?
(6) Is my community of friends helping or hurting me?
(7) How should I conduct myself online?

Each of the three teaching videos is apprixmately 20 minutes long and includes time for the students to privately reflect on personal questions and time for the students to enage in small group discussion questions with their peers.  

What's Included in This Digital Video Series?

(1) Three Teaching Videos featuring Arthur C Woods.

(2) A PDF Student Handout that goes along with each video.

(3) A Graphics Package for you to use to promote the series to your students.

(4) The Teaching Scripts in PDF form, for each video, allowing you to opt to teach the material live, in stead of showing the videos.

(5) A full Power Point Presentation that goes along with the teaching scripts, if you opt to teach the material live, instead of showing the videos.

(6) Two different video Countdown Clocks to use however you would like. One is 60 seconds, the other is 3 minutes.

The Building Community Video Series is self contained, and requires little to no preparation on the part of the indivudals that will be showing the videos to the students. It is designed to be a "turn-key" series that makes it simple for the leader and valuable to the students.

Building Community - Video Teaching Series

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