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Our Best Adventure Yet

Our Best Adventure Yet is a heartwarming book by Elizabeth Joy Woods that tells the story of her and her husband's failed adoption journey. This moving memoir is an honest and inspiring account of how the couple found the strength to move on after their dreams of parenthood were shattered. Through their faith and unwavering determination, the Woods were able to turn their disappointment into a new adventure, one that would ultimately bring them even closer together. Join them on their journey of hope, resilience, and love in this touching tale of overcoming adversity.

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Elizabeth Joy Woods

Elizabeth’s heart is for her audience to know why they believe what they believe. She encourages each of us to jump in the deep end, trusting God to the fullest. Her desire is each person to fall more in love with Jesus every single day.

Elizabeth seeks to better understand, embrace, and explore the truth of God’s Word. She continues to fall in love with Jesus daily as she learns to swim in his grace, trust in his sovereignty, take refuge in his strength, and find joy in his peace.

The wife of her best friend, and high school sweetheart, Arthur. She enjoys coffee, friends, and deep conversations with lighthearted banter. She and Arthur live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with their beautiful Siberian Husky, Jadis and an adorable cat named Epi.

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