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Who is Arthur C Woods?

"I Partner with Parents to Help Their Teens Develop Wisdom, Confidence & Intentionality in Life."

Arthur is a seasoned veteran when it comes to working with teenagers. For 10 years he served as the Director of Students for a large house of worship in central Pennsylvania. He holds a Masters Degree in student and family ministry and is an Adjunct Faculty Member at a local private high school. Arthur also sits on the Board of Directors of a large youth camp in central PA. Over the years he has taught, coached and mentored literally thousands of teenagers.
Arthur has been married to his wife, Elizabeth for over 20 years.

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Does my Teenager Need a Life Coach?

by Arthur C Woods

Over my years of working with students, I have discovered (as have countless others) that every teenager can benefit from powerful coaching. Whether your teen is struggling at school, at home or at work - whether they are experiencing challenges with friends, family members or bullies - or even if they are doing great, but just need someone to help them over the finish line, coaching is an incredible tool in the parenting toolbox. Give it a try!

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Blog: Helping Your Teenager Make Better Decisions

by Arthur C Woods

As parents, I'm sure you remember your teenage years. It was a time of uncertainly - a time of exploration - and a time of opportunities (some good / some bad). Well, as you probably already know, your teenager is now experiencing their own set of opportunities. They are regularly in positions to make decisions that could have lasting consequences (positive or negative) on their life. It's for that reason I created the W.H.O.L.E Decision Making Framework for Teens ™. . . .

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Blog: Can my Teenager Perform Better at School?

by Arthur C Woods

When I was growing up, I remember being told by many teachers that I was not doing my best work and that I was not “living up to my potential.” I remember seeing this written on report cards and being discussed in many parent/teacher conferences. For many years I was told that I had potential — but that I was not, in fact, achieving that potential. And while there may have been some truth in that, it was frustrating to hear that so often. I mean, what was I supposed to do?

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Article - My Story. I Had Almost no Chance of Graduating.png

Blog: My Story - I had Almost no Chance of Graduating

by Arthur C Woods

I was 19 years old in the picture on the left, and while I was so happy to be with the beautiful girl next to me, who would eventually become my wife, I had been struggling in one major area of my life for the past many years, and little did I know when that picture was taken, I would continue to struggle in that area for years to come. . . .

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Jan 19 Lititz Area Mennonite School (Elementary / Middle School Assembly)
Jan 28+ River Valley Ranch (Winter Meltdown, Middle/High School Retreat)

Feb 22 Coby's Family Services (Virtual Parent Seminar)




March 12+ Silver Birch Ranch (Family Retreat)
May 19+ The Bible Chapel (Virtual Parent Seminar)
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Mar 08  Hope Community Church

Mar 12  MACSA Youth Retreat

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Aug 26+ Lititz Area Mennonite School (Virtual Event)

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Nov 17 Coby's Family Services (Virtual Parent Seminar)


May 05 Mechanicsburg BIC (Parent Training)
May 10 CAFO Summit 2019 (Parent Training)
Jun 02 
LCBC Manheim (Forever Families Parent Training)

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Jul 21
Newportville Community Church (Sunday Morning Message)

Aug 21+ Lititz Area Mennonite School (Middle School Orientation Days)

Oct 13 West Shore EFC (Parent Training)

Nov 10 Intercede 2019 (Orphan Sunday Event)
Nov 22 Children & Youth (CASA Presentation to Case Workers)

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